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About Somteq

Somteq is bringing almost two decades of experiecne of design electronics and software development. We support you in the choice of the best technological solutions to optimize performance, cost, and services.

Passion and Competence

Since 2006

Long history in electronics design




Complex engineering Services


Diversified R&D Projects

Our Team

Our company is created by talented engineers and this is the most valuable company’s asset. We invest in our people by providing them with the best learing training and development plan. Our team is extreamly proud of the history and continuesly lookig for further growth of company. We are always looking for brillinat, driven, pasionated, ambitious people.

Our Mission

The arrival of new technology such as Artificial Inteligence, neural processing, 5G has opened enormous opportunity for our company. In this Context, through pioneering technologies and the development of crucial know-how, we want to delivery our customer the most competitive solution both in terms of technical features and commercial aspects.

Our Vision

Electronics in daily use is already a fact and its further expansion to apply embedded procesor is inevitable. Our innovatin will help people for every day life, improving their leaving conditions and supporting them for …