About SOM

SOM Advantages

A System on Module (SoM) is an embedded computer module, often also referred to as a Computer on Module (CoM). It is soldered or plugged onto a carrier board. All relevant functions or functional units are located on the module. System on Modules accelerates product introduction, saving time, cost and mitigate the risk. In addition, SoMs allow developers the flexibility they need in product design. System on Modules offer many advantages and allow developers to use diffrent SoC in much quicker way.

When selecting the form factor for System on Modules, there are several options with their respective strengths and weaknesses. The form factor should be selected with concious decision about its advantages and disadvantages. For this reason, the selection of the SoM form factor plays an essential role – developers should therefore definitely make it at the beginning of a project.

SMARC Standard

Form factors of the Standardization Group for Embedded Technologies (SGET) such as SMARC  is one of the most popular form factor on the market

Interganchable across diffrent Som manufacturers, worldwide standard, CB available from many vendors

Might not suport all SoC features

Proprietary Form Factor

Individual or manufacture specific form factor is not standarized pin out. Developpers might be limited to the manufacture form factor and can not easly change the module within production cycle.

Normally should suport all SOC features

Not interganchable across diffrent Som manufacturers
Not worldwide standard
CB available only from selected vendor